ITEMISED PAY | A Guide for Employers

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By now, you should be aware of new government legislation that means all employers to provide an itemised payslip. This took effect from 6 April 2019. What does the legislation require, and when does it apply? What is an itemised payslip? Essentially, an itemised payslip provides a breakdown of the worker’s pay, detailing and explaining […]

EXECUTIVE PAY | Mind the Gap

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Hot on the heels of gender pay reporting, large companies will also have to comply with executive pay reporting. For the first time, the government has decided that listed companies will be required to publish the pay difference between chief executives and their workers each year. These new rules will come into effect on 1 […]

2019 | Important HR and Employment Law Changes

With 2018, employers had to grapple many changes to HR and Employment Law. This includes the introduction of the GDPR and gender pay reporting, changes to taxation of termination payments and increases to the national minimum wage. So what can employers expect in 2019? It is set to be another busy year for HR and […]

Change management – changing pay and working time

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Change is an inevitable part of any organisation’s life. There are various options you can consider when looking to make your organisation as viable and efficient as possible, but each of them requires careful consideration of the risks and costs. Reducing pay An employee’s pay will be included in their Contract of Employment. Employers cannot […]

Changes to pay statements


With the GDPR looming, you may be doing last minute preparations for the introduction on 25th May 2018 but employers should not be heaving a sigh of relief. There is much more work for employers to do to ensure they remain compliant with Employment Law. One such change that is coming up is to pay […]

Minimum wage terminology

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Are you one of the many employers confused by the terminology used for minimum pay rates? With the National Minimum Wage, National Living Wage and Living Wage, employers can be left scratching their head wondering how much they are legally required to pay their workers and who is entitled to receive it. Employers have been […]

Are your employees due a pay rise?


April has brought about a pay rise for those employees on the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage. But what about everyone else? Are your other employees due a pay increase too? There is no statutory obligation imposed on employers to increase an employee’s pay every year and if an employer decides to […]

Helping businesses understand redundancy pay

Redundancy is sometimes a necessary evil and unfortunately, it comes with a cost for employers. There are a number of things to think about when carrying out redundancies, including warning employees of redundancies, creating and applying fair and non-discriminatory scoring criteria and thinking through suitable alternative options. In cases of large scale redundancies, you also […]

Understanding pay secrecy clauses

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There is a common misconception that the Equality Act bans ‘pay secrecy clauses’ in Contracts of Employment. The truth is that section 77 of the Equality Act does not impose a general ban on any terms in the contract preventing pay discussions, but it does render pay secrecy clauses unenforceable if the employer is trying […]

Proposed ban on unpaid internships

The House of Lords will debate a Private Member’s Bill which proposes to amend the law by prohibiting unpaid work experience or internships exceeding four weeks. The Bill was given its first reading in June and the second reading will take place today (27th October 2017). Previous attempts to ban unpaid internships have not been […]