Statutory Pay & Minimum Wage Rates


As of April 2017, these are the current rates. MINIMUM WAGE RATES The minimum wage rate varies according to age and whether the individual is an apprentice. The National Living Wage (the rate for those aged 25 and over) is £7.50 per hour. The National Minimum Wage (for those under the age of 25) is […]

Asda offers pay rise in exchange for flexibility

Asda offers pay rise in exchange for flexibility

Supermarket giant, Asda, is offering staff a pay rise in exchange for greater flexibility in working patterns.   In the news, there have been reports of companies feeling the pinch of the National Living Wage increases and looking at ways to mitigate the costs. However, Asda has announced that the new contract is a voluntary agreement; […]

Craziest excuses for not paying minimum wage

NMW excuses

HMRC investigators have exposed some of the strangest excuses used by employers not paying their staff according to National Minimum Wage rules.  Reasons include that the National Minimum Wage was not applicable to their business, workers need to prove their worth to be paid the rate or that it was acceptable to underpay foreign workers. […]

Key points from the 2016 Autumn Statement

Chancellor Philip Hammond has delivered the Autumn Statement – it will be his first and apparently his last. There weren’t too many surprises, but what changes do employers need to be aware of? 1  National Living and Minimum Wage rises As of April 2017, the National Living Wage (the rate for those aged 25 and […]

Increases to Voluntary Living Wage

The Living Wage Foundation has announced increases to the voluntary living wage rate. The current Living Wage is £8.45 an hour, up from the previous £8.25. The rate is London is higher at £9.75 an hour, up from £9.40. What do I need to know about this rate? The Living Wage Foundation sets rates with […]

Sports Direct – What Did We Learn?

Mike Ashley, founder of Sports Direct, was given a hard time last week by the Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) select committee following allegations of employment rights abuses. Perhaps the most eye-opening statement from the man himself came when he admitted “I’m not Santa Claus!” The more worrying revelations to come out of this, however, […]

Giving with one hand and taking with the other?

National Living Wage

The National Living Wage (NLW) was introduced on 1st April 2016 and already there are concerns being raised as to how this is being implemented. On 18th April 2016, Members of Parliament criticised employers who are reportedly removing benefits, such as enhanced overtime rates and free lunches, in order to pay for the increase in […]

National Living Wage

National Living Wage

The Conservative Government delivered the first budget of their term on 8th July 2015. One of the headlines was the proposed introduction of a “National Living Wage” (NLW), not to be confused with the voluntary Living Wage promoted by the Living Wage Foundation. This will create a new band of minimum wage payable by employers […]