Pornography in the workplace

watching porn at work

Viewing or downloading pornography or sexually explicit material on work computers is almost always unacceptable.  There are very few exceptions to the rule and in most cases, it can be considered gross misconduct. What types of workplace rules should I have in place? Some employers let employees occasionally use work computers for personal use, especially […]

Dealing with pornography at work

mobile phones at work

Viewing or downloading pornography or sexually explicit material on work computers is a definite no-no at work.  With the current furore surrounding allegations that Damian Green has downloaded pornography to his parliamentary computer, it may be a good time to remind employees what happens if they do decide to push the boundaries. What types of […]

Employees behaving badly outside of work

Criminal Records

What employees do their in free time is normally none of your concern, but the game changes when you discover an employee has committed a criminal offence. Whether they have assaulted their neighbour, stalked an ex-girlfriend, committed criminal damage or been involved in a burglary or fraud scheme, you may be very worried. As their […]

How to manage an employee’s bad attitude

bad attitude

Every employer and manager will at some point come across one or two employees who have a bad attitude. An employee with a bad attitude – you know the sort of person – uncooperative, rude, shows no commitment, acts insubordinately, speaks badly about their colleagues or shirks their professional responsibilities. This can be hugely damaging […]

3 reasons for a written disciplinary procedure


Regardless of the size of your organisation, it is essential to have robust and well-drafted HR policies and procedures in place.  This is particularly the case when you are faced with employees’ misconduct and disciplinary matters. Don’t believe us? Here are three good reasons for having a clear written disciplinary procedure in writing. 1  It […]

Is it always right to suspend for misconduct?

suspend an employee

The High Court has issued an important reminder to employers that an employee’s suspension when investigating allegations of misconduct should not be adopted as a matter of routine.  The case in question concerned a teacher who was suspended due to her alleged use of force in three incidents involving two challenging pupils. She resigned and […]

Gross Misconduct | 5 examples every employer should know

capability or conduct

Tempted to sack someone on the spot but not sure about the law? Well, summary dismissal – dismissal without notice – can sometimes be legally acceptable when an employee commits an act of gross misconduct. It’s always best to consult the experts when looking to sack an employee – contact us now. Get your FREE consultation Gross misconduct is […]

How to conduct a disciplinary investigation

how to conduct an investigation

Two of the main reasons that employers end up in Employment Tribunals are a failure to follow a fair procedure and a failure to investigate properly. Misconduct Misconduct can come in many forms – stealing, turning up late to work or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, taking unauthorised absences, misusing company equipment or […]

ACAS Code on Discipline & Grievance

Acas code of practice

Our Employment Law Advisers often receive calls from anxious employers about how to handle disciplinary and grievance issues. Rightly so, because not following the correct procedure can land you in an Employment Tribunal. With charges for tribunals now unlawful, there is no barrier to a disgruntled employee taking you to an employment tribunal and potentially […]

A complete overview of the disciplinary process

Overview of the disciplinary process

Having a disciplinary procedure is not all about disciplining employees. It’s also about working with your staff to maintain high standards of conduct and encouraging people to improve if they fall below these standards. Unfortunately for employers, it is frustratingly easy to bungle disciplinary procedures. You may have a perfectly valid reason to dismiss, but […]