Worker fatigue | The health and safety hazards of shift work

Over 3.5 million people or around 14% of the UK working population work shifts. Many industries, including hospitality, manufacturing and retail, rely heavily on shift work: work that is undertaken on a schedule outside of the traditional 9am to 5pm working day. However, poorly-designed or long shift patterns that fail to balance work demands with […]

HSE releases fatal injury statistics for 2018/2019

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has now published its yearly report on workplace fatalities in Great Britain. The report is based on provisional annual data for the period April 2018 to March 2019. It gives us a yearly figure in relation to the number of fatal work injuries for 2018/19, as well as the […]

HSE campaign underway to tackle dust exposure risk

The HSE has announced that it is now visiting sites across the UK to assess how they are controlling dust. Inspectors will be focusing their attention on the construction, woodworking and food manufacturing sectors in particular, where occupational lung diseases, including in some cases occupational cancers, are more common. The aim of the visits is […]

Health and Safety Competent Person FAQ

If you’re an employer, or responsible for health and safety within an organisation, it’s very likely you’ve come across the term ‘competent person’. It’s something you’ll hear a lot in discussion about health and safety, but what exactly does it mean? Do you need one? What skills make a person competent? Who can take on […]

H&S NEWS | Manufacturer Fined

health and safety risk assessment

A metal manufacturer has been fined after a worker was injured unblocking jammed machinery. The employee was operating an electromagnet to sort scrap casting from a vibro-charger machine. The magnet itself became stuck to the vibro-charger. In trying to free the machines, the vibro-charger was lifted off its running rails – it swung and struck […]

H&S NEWS | HSE tightens welding fume control

welder and fumes

Inhaling welding fume has long been known to be hazardous to health. However, new scientific evidence from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has found that exposure to even mild steel welding fume can cause lung and possibly kidney cancer. This classifying of mild steel welding fume as a human carcinogen has been […]

SKILLS GAP | Apprentices in manufacturing


With an ongoing skills gap in the manufacturing industry, we take a look at the issues manufacturers are facing with their workforce, and what the changing demographic of workers means for employers. What’s the situation? The world of manufacturing is changing. With new technologies dominating the scene, a wide range of new technical skills are […]

H&S NEWS | Fine after Flour Dust Exposure

H&S fine for safety failings

Food manufacturers and in particular bakeries are being targeted by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for proactive inspections.  In one example, a bakery chain has been heavily fined after the HSE found workers suffered long term exposure to flour dust. Inspectors discovered employees were consistently exposed to health risks between 2002 and 2016 – with […]

The Brexit Vote & Employment Law and Health and Safety


Despite many false dawns, the reality of what the UK might look like in a post – Brexit world is becoming clear. Parliament is due to vote on Theresa May’s deal to leave the European Union on January 15th 2019. It is important all organisations prepare for any eventuality and take steps to ensure they […]

MANUFACTURING | What to do when relocating

relocating empoyees

One of our Employment Law Advisers received this query: We have outgrown our factory and have been looking for a new site for some time. We have found a fantastic site in the next town, but when we announced the change, workers were concerned. Many are worried as their commute will be longer and more […]