New year, new fines | January’s top 5 health and safety penalties

Not a month goes by without harrowing reports of fatalities or serious injury in the workplace. These stories emphasise that, despite the UK’s world-leading position in health and safety, there is still much to be done in 2020 to drive down the figures and ultimately ensure people return home safely at the end of the working […]

Crushes, explosions and dangerous machinery | October’s top 5 health and safety fines

HSE inspection

The HSE’s annual summary statistics have highlighted the true extent of rising health and safety fines. Alarmingly, latest figures reveal that the average level of fine has increased 381% since sentencing guidelines were introduced, from £27,000 per conviction in 2014/15 to £130,000 per conviction. Comparing periods before and after the guidelines came into force, the […]

Workplace vehicles and falls risk | Company fined after employee falls from lorry

A manufacturer has been fined after an employee suffered serious injury in a fall from height. The employee was injured after he fell from a lorry bed while unloading the vehicle. The fall resulted in multiple fractures, causing the worker to miss over five months of work. Unclear instruction An investigation by the Health and […]

ENFORCEMENT | Police crack down on drivers carrying unsecured loads

Key points GMP are carrying out a campaign to tackle drivers carrying unsecure loads, particularly where they are carrying dangerous goods. The enforcement campaign will run from 22 to 26 July and any driver carrying unsecured loads could face a driving disqualification for dangerous driving and could have their vehicle seized. Load consignors, vehicle operators […]

Costly mistakes | Top 5 recent health and safety fines

The financial penalties for health and safety breaches are rising… and fast. In the last couple of months, several organisations across a variety of sectors have been handed some pretty eye-watering fines for occurrences that could have been prevented had risk been adequately assessed and reasonable precautions put in place. Get your FREE consultation The […]

[7 min read] What is RIDDOR?

health safety at work RIDDOR

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) is law that was revised in 2013. This requires employers to report and keep records of work-related accidents and diseases. RIDDOR also covers dangerous occurrences or near misses.  This blog explains everything you need to know about RIDDOR, what to report and your responsibility as […]

LOGISTICS | Personal Safety and Vehicles

Poor personal safety around fleet vehicles is a top Health & Safety failing. When auditing their business, logistic companies are often found wanting in several areas. In particular, they often fail: To ensure appropriate Health & Safety policy and risk assessments are in place To communicate their Health & Safety policy and risk assessment findings […]

H&S NEWS | Logistics company fined


A logistics company has been heavily fined after a worker was injured unloading a delivery lorry. The agency worker was unchaining the visiting lorry’s loading ramp when the vehicle moved forward with one chain still attached to the ramp. The worker was crushed between the ramp and a barrier. An investigation by the Health & […]

HEALTH & SAFETY NEWS | The costs of ignoring past incidents

risk assessment

A fencing manufacturer has been fined after a worker suffered serious injury. The employee had been manually packing fencing panels into shipping containers when some 34 insecurely loaded panels fell on him. Dangerous procedure   An investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) found suitable controls were not in place to prevent panels from […]