Health and safety fines | 5 times employers fell short in March 2020

While businesses’ health and safety efforts have been dominated by COVID-19 in recent weeks, March 2020 also saw a number of unrelated fines handed to employers who fell short in their health and safety duties. Here are five recent examples that illustrate the importance of robust risk control measures. Get your FREE consultation 1. Metal […]

New year, new fines | January’s top 5 health and safety penalties

Not a month goes by without harrowing reports of fatalities or serious injury in the workplace. These stories emphasise that, despite the UK’s world-leading position in health and safety, there is still much to be done in 2020 to drive down the figures and ultimately ensure people return home safely at the end of the working […]

Health & Safety Mock Trial | How ‘minor’ hazards can result in major penalties

How do you ensure high health and safety standards are maintained in your workplace? Do you provide training, develop procedures and have clear lines of responsibility? All of these things provide a firm foundation for compliance; however, without the right health and safety culture, even the most robust management systems will prove ineffective. Get your […]

Warehouse safety | 8 practical ways to reduce risk

Despite being dangerous places to work, warehouse businesses sometimes fail to manage risk properly. This is because they take a ‘general’ approach to warehouse safety. In reality, warehousing work creates numerous specific and unique health and safety hazards that need to be identified and properly managed in order to prevent harm. Get your FREE consultation […]

Workplace transport safety | Haulier fined after worker injured by moving vehicle

Every year, over 5,000 accidents involve transport in the workplace. Main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles, or being crushed or struck by them. In fact, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) fatality figures for the five-year period 2014/15-2018/19 reveal that: Being struck by a moving vehicle accounted for 19% of all fatalities – […]

Health and safety for office workers | Practical steps for employers

It’s quite common for employers in office-based businesses to have a relaxed attitude to health and safety. You might assume that if there are no obvious high-risk hazards, such as ladders to fall off or machines to get limbs caught in, then there’s nothing to worry about. Get your FREE consultation In reality, however, there […]

5 STEPS | Developing safe systems of work

A large percentage of serious and fatal accidents at work involve a lack of, or failures in, systems of work. After all, without a set method for carrying out a task safely and a recognised procedure in place to deal with non-routine processes, the threat of mistakes being made is high. Get your FREE consultation […]

£5 MILLION? | 5 recent health and safety failings that cost employers millions

Health and safety is often seen as separate to other business activities, but with million-pound fines now commonplace, health and safety failings can make or break a business. Even if a business can weather such significant financial penalties, the reputational impact can be a cost from which some may never recover. Get your FREE consultation […]