8 key strategies to avoid redundancies


When dealing with an unexpected downturn in business, employers will naturally be thinking about redundancies to cut costs. There are, in fact, many alternatives to making redundancies that are worth considering before you decide to lose valuable staff.   Here are eight key strategies: Freeze external recruitment In the tough times, you will need to […]

Manufacturing | Requiring employees to speak English

Health & Safety Inspection

Manufacturing businesses are often made of a diverse workforce with workers of many different nationalities and backgrounds. In this cases, employers may wish to impose a requirement that all employees in the workplace must communicate in English to ensure business efficacy and reduce misunderstandings. You may also want to do this to promote good working […]

Guide | Key things to know when hiring students

hiring students

Thousands of students up and down the country will be finishing off their exams and waiting anxiously for their results to see if they got that desired spot at university.  To earn some extra cash, some will need to work alongside their studies and this provides employers with some great opportunities. Hiring students can provide […]

Unveiling employees’ hidden skills

flexible working

When you hire someone, you will have extensively looked at their qualifications, skills and experience. But does this mean you know everything about them? Probably not. Employers and recruiting managers tend to assess an applicant’s suitability for the role and focus on the areas set out in the job description, person specification and application form. […]

White’s in as yellow’s old hat

Industry chiefs aim to replace traditional yellow “Bob the Builder” hard hats under a new colour-coded hard hat scheme. Worn with a hi vis jacket and big boots, a yellow hard hat was the must-have fashion accessory on any construction site. In fact, hard hats have been compulsory on Britain’s building sites since 1990. However, […]

Language Barriers

A Latvian national who spoke little English was killed, and his nephew left clinging to a wall, after a roof they were removing asbestos cement sheets from collapsed as they sat on it. It is believed the company had the correct procedures for work at heights but that these were not properly understood, and hence, […]