HOSPITALITY AND LEISURE | Common health and safety risks and how to reduce them

Employers are required to identify the hazards present in their workplace and to take reasonable steps to control the risks arising from those hazards. A hazard is anything that is potentially dangerous, and even though individual workplaces have their own specific hazards, and the hospitality industry is diverse, there are a number of main areas […]

H&S NEWS | Engineering Company Fined after Apprentice Injury

engineering apprentice

An engineering company has been fined after an apprentice was injured by a lathe. Health & Safety Executive investigators found the company had failed to carry out correct control measures and implement a safe system of work. Exposed Moving Parts The court heard “safeguarding” interlocks in a CNC lathe were overridden to allow operation while doors […]

H&S NEWS | Induction Failings Fine after First Day Injury

new starter induction

A distribution company has been fined after inadequate Health & Safety training led to a worker being seriously injured on his first day of work. The court heard that the agency worker was given a “brief” induction at the firm’s depot before starting work the same day as a multi-drop delivery driver. The worker delivered […]

RETAIL | 10 steps of an effective employee induction

new starter induction

The guidance employees receive when starting a new job can mean the difference between feeling welcomed into a new team or completely bewildered. Despite this, inductions are often rushed or overlooked by employers. But how important are inductions really? In a word, very. Getting people through the doors is one thing, but making them part […]

SKILLS GAP | Apprentices in manufacturing


With an ongoing skills gap in the manufacturing industry, we take a look at the issues manufacturers are facing with their workforce, and what the changing demographic of workers means for employers. What’s the situation? The world of manufacturing is changing. With new technologies dominating the scene, a wide range of new technical skills are […]

HR GUIDE | 7 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

staff retention

A conveyer belt of people running out the door is very bad for business. It can have a negative effect on employees’ morale as they end up lumbered with the work of their colleagues. It can mean you have to spend valuable time and resource searching for a replacement and hiring a temporary worker to […]

How to reduce employee turnover

How to reduce employee turnover

Employees leave an organisation for different reasons. They could be: Resigning Retiring Being dismissed It is an accepted way of life for businesses that people come and go, but if you are experiencing a high employee turnover, you need to assess the reasons for their departure and take steps to minimise the disruption to your […]

ENTREPRENEURS | 5 things you need to know about HR

right to work checks

Whether entrepreneurs believe it or not, HR is an important ingredient to success. To grow and build your business, you need staff. When managing a team, it’s more than just providing inductions, carrying out a formal annual review, disciplining those who commit misconduct and organising a work Christmas party to engage your staff. In fact, […]

Top tips for effective new employee inductions

recruitment process

Do you remember the first day in your current job? Chances are it was a bit daunting. But a well thought out first few days can ensure your new employee gets off to a positive start. So now that the responsibility for inducting new employees is in your hands, follow our top tips to make sure […]

New CDM Regulations 2015

construction site fall fine

Revisions to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations will take effect on April 6th 2015. The changes are being implemented in order to further ensure that robust health and safety planning and performance commences at the design stage and continues not just throughout the duration of the construction project, but into the life of the […]