Can I refuse or cancel an employee’s holiday?

COVID-19 advice Looking for practical advice on refusing or cancelling employees’ holidays due to the coronavirus pandemic and other common scenarios? Visit our free Coronavirus Advice Hub for answers. Take me to the Hub There are some myths about annual leave that seem to linger no matter how untrue they are. Some of the most […]


bank holiday working

There are a number of commonly-held myths surrounding bank holidays. This can leave employers unsure where they stand and worried that they may be getting it wrong. Often, employers can feel pressured to grant time off, as employees may (wrongly) assume that they’re entitled to not work bank holidays. In reality, it’s not so straightforward. […]

Cold Weather Advice for Employers

cold weather in the workplace

When autumn and winter arrive, we will be digging out coats, scarves and gloves from the deepest depths of our wardrobes. Colds will start spreading around the office, bad weather will cause travel mayhem and annual leave requests for the Christmas and New Year period will begin to flood in. It can be a nightmare […]

Guide | How to deal with employees who return to work late after holiday

late for work

We all want our employees to enjoy their time off work, but what happens if an employee takes that one step too far and does not return to work on the allotted day? Sometimes, it may be as a result of something that is outside their control, for example, their flights had been delayed, they […]

When annual leave and sickness coincide

remove cancel employee holiday

When on holiday, employees want to sit back and have a good time, but in some cases, annual leave and sickness can collide, leaving employers with a whole host of issues to deal with. Our Employment Law Advisers answer some of the most common questions they get asked by employers. What happens if an employee […]

HR INFO | Do employees have a right to disconnect?

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Are you glued to your smartphone even when on holiday? Fretting when there are no wifi facilities nearby or you can’t get any phone signal? With the extensive use of remote access, it has become the workplace norm for employees to check their emails or make calls while on annual leave. For some, it gives them […]

Ryanair woes highlight importance of annual leave management

Messing up annual leave never leads to a good outcome. If you don’t believe us, just ask Ryanair. The airline has had to cancel up to 50 flights every day for the next six weeks due to mismanaging the allocation of annual leave. This has caused a media frenzy, outrage from passengers who have been […]

How soon can a new worker take holiday?

holiday leave requests

One big headache for employers and managers is working out holiday entitlements for new workers. Let us explore this area to answer your questions. When does annual leave start to accrue? Do probationary periods have any effect? Annual leave begins accruing as soon as the worker starts work with you. This means that the right […]

Can I refuse or cancel an employee’s holiday?

remove cancel employee holiday

There are some myths about annual leave that seem to linger no matter how untrue they are. Two of the most persistent myths are: An employer cannot refuse a request for annual leave and They cannot cancel an employee’s holiday. Employers have more of a say over annual leave than they may actually think. Let […]

Pulling a sickie after annual leave request denied

leave request denied

The summer is approaching and we all want to enjoy a lovely holiday. A big and costly mistake some employees make is seeing a fantastic deal and booking the hotel, flights and car rental without getting authorisation from their manager. Cue an unhappy employee when their manager tells them two of their colleagues are already […]