How to prepare for a CQC inspection

CQC inspection

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) acts as an independent regulator of health and social care. Its inspection regime aims to ensure that the quality of care provided is fit for purpose. CQC inspections can be a daunting prospect for organisations, but don’t panic – by taking the necessary steps beforehand, the process can run smoothly. […]

HEALTH | Prying on patient records

Curiosity can be a great thing. However, it can get the better of some people. This can enter into dangerous territory. Staff in GP surgeries may think they are not doing anything that bad when they snoop on the records of family, friends, neighbours or acquaintances, but it can bring about potentially serious consequences. Just […]

Don’t Get A Criminal Record

If you are an employer in, for example, the care, education or health sectors, you will need to know if prospective employees have convictions, spent or unspent, before they can be allowed to work with children or vulnerable adults in a regulated activity. At present there is a legal process in place which allows employers […]