HARASSMENT | Code of Practice Announced

sexual harassment

The government has announced it will introduce a statutory Code of Practice on sexual harassment.  The aim in the code is to make clear the action employers need to take to comply with their legal obligations. What is behind the government’s decision? All the high-profile and public cases and the prevalence of the #MeToo movement have shown […]

CHARITIES | 5 top tips in the #MeToo era


The #MeToo movement has shown that people who have suffered from sexual harassment are becoming more and more confident in speaking out about their experiences at work.  Slowly, the culture of silence is being eroded. Recent high profile cases have shown we still have a long way to go to ensure this type of behaviour […]

HARASSMENT | Are employers doing enough?

sexual harassment

The Harvey Weinstein scandal shone a spotlight on sexual harassment in the workplace.  One year on, are employers implementing effective measures to prevent this type of behaviour occurring? The sad reality is that it doesn’t seem that employers are not doing enough.  A recent survey by law firm, Slater and Gordon, has uncovered that 52% […]

Harassment and bullying in manufacturing

Manufacturing health & Safety Challenges

We all want our workplaces to be free from harassment and bullying. Unfortunately, employers have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent months. Incidents of harassment and bullying don’t just affect Hollywood and Westminster, but workers in all types of organisations and sectors, including manufacturing businesses. Challenges in manufacturing Despite efforts in […]

Putting a stop to bullying at work

We would hope that school bullies would grow out of their bad habits when they become adults, but unfortunately instances of bullying still do occur in the workplace. What is bullying? Unlike harassment, the Equality Act does not provide a legal definition of bullying. Acas defines bullying as ‘offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, an […]

Swearing at work – no big deal?

Using profanity in the workplace is not necessarily unacceptable. In some sectors, such as in construction or manufacturing environments, it may be more commonplace, but in an office, it may be considered more offensive. If someone stubs their toe on the edge of their desk or burns them self while drinking their cup of coffee, […]

Harassment by third parties

The male only fundraising dinner for the Presidents Club charity, where hostesses were allegedly sexually harassed, has caused widespread controversy.   There have been allegations that the attendees of the dinner were groping, making tawdry comments and propositioning the female hostesses, who were all required to wear revealing outfits. Guests to the dinner had been told […]

EMPLOYER’S GUIDE | Sexual orientation discrimination

sexual orientation discrimination

Facing a discrimination claim is an employer’s worst nightmare come true. Not only can it cause disputes, disrupt team dynamics, negatively affect morale and taint your reputation, it can significantly hit your wallet. There is no cap on the compensation that can be awarded for successful discrimination claims, so it’s absolutely essential that employers get […]

How to Manage Workplace Romances

office workplace romance

What’s the recipe to managing romantic relationships between colleagues? A teaspoon of common sense, a dash of respecting privacy and a massive dollop of looking out for your business interests. Is there a problem if your colleagues embark on a romantic relationship? Most relationships between colleagues will not present any types of problems for an […]

What can we learn from the Westminster sex scandal?

Westminster Houses of Parliament

Westminster has been rocked by allegations of sexual harassment. Reports have surfaced of accusations of sexual harassment, public denials of wrongdoing, investigations, suspensions and a resignation. Last week, Theresa May introduced a new code of conduct for the conservative party, which provides contact details for those who wish to make a complaint. It also ensures […]