Supporting employees during Ramadan

eid al-ahda ramadan

COVID-19 advice Looking for practical advice on supporting staff through the coronavirus pandemic and other common employment scenarios? Visit our free Coronavirus Advice Hub for answers. Take me to the Hub Millions of Muslims across the country are currently observing Ramadan – complicated somewhat this year by the current lockdown measures. Ramadan started on either […]

Why are employers losing the battle against bullying?

With the government rocked by allegations of bullying against Home Secretary Priti Patel, employers are faced with a difficult question: are we overlooking similar behaviour in our workplace? More synonymous with school playgrounds, bullying at work is all too often disregarded. In actual fact, according to an illuminating report by CIPD, 15% of workers have […]

Supporting vegan employees | Practical tips and legal considerations

Veganism is on the rise. With meat-free alternatives now occupying a much larger space on supermarket shelves, and a recent influx of fast food companies launching vegan options, there is an expectation for workplaces to follow suit. However, if you’re not vegan yourself, understanding how best to accommodate employees who are can be a bit […]

Court rules disability must be established at the time of “discriminatory” acts

Mental health conditions can be debilitating, impacting all aspects of a person’s life, including their ability to work. For employers, dealing with the operational consequences can be difficult, and if the employee’s condition qualifies as a disability, there’s also potential for legal action. In 2019, the average award for disability discrimination was £28,371 – higher […]

Managing employees | Are you approaching conflict wrong?

It’s an aspect of the job most would hope to avoid, but when you’re in charge of a team, managing conflict comes with the territory. With a mixture of personalities forced to work in close proximity day in day out, there are bound to be times when individuals don’t see eye to eye. Personality clashes, […]

All rewards and no repercussions | Is favouritism at work illegal?

As humans, we will naturally warm to some people more than others. However, in the workplace, preferential treatment can create real issues. It’s quite common for employers or managers to have a better working relationship with certain members of their team. It might be that that their way of working is more akin to yours, […]

General Election 2019 | The parties’ proposals for employment law

With just over two weeks to go until one of the most anticipated General Elections in UK history, both parties’ manifestos are undergoing intense scrutiny – but what pledges are on the table for employment law? Before you cast your vote, here are some of the main policies each side are proposing that stand to […]