Pimlico Plumbers case means for employers

employment status

Do you have a locum or a contractor who has been regularly engaged over an extended period of time on a self-employed basis? If so, you should be interested in the case of Pimlico Plumbers, which has been heard by the Supreme Court earlier this month and follows a series of decisions on employment status […]

Uber loses appeal – what next for gig economy?

Uber loses appeal

Taxi app Uber has lost its appeal after the Employment Appeal Tribunal confirmed that their drivers are, in fact, workers and should have basic employment law rights. This is another setback for the gig economy, which has faced significant legal action over employment status in the last few years. Background In October 2016, the first […]

Uber – the importance of employer checks

UBER licence revoked

In the last few days, the decision to revoke Uber’s licence to operate in the capital city has sent shockwaves to Londoners, causing outrage to some and relief to others. At the end of last week, Transport for London concluded that Uber London Limited is not ‘fit and proper to hold a private hire operator […]

Clamping down on bogus employment practices

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The Work and Pensions Committee is calling on the government to close the loopholes that pave the way for bogus self-employment practices. The Committee launched an inquiry into self-employment and the gig economy, which has been curtailed in light of the impending general election. Throughout their inquiry, they heard evidence from a number of companies, […]

Uber granted appeal on workers’ rights decision


Uber has now been granted the right to appeal last year’s Employment Tribunal decision on employment status. In October 2016, the London Central Employment Tribunal found against the company Uber, which allows people to book and pay for a taxi via an app. The Tribunal concluded that the people who work for Uber are workers, […]

Gig economy contracts ‘unintelligible’

confusing contract of employment

Contracts that have been submitted as part of the inquiry into self-employment and the gig economy have now been published by the Work and Pensions Committee. The Committee concludes that the aim of these clauses seems to be to deter people from questioning their employment status and asserting their rights. Uber, Hermes, Deliveroo and Amazon were […]

Employment tribunals and cases in 2017

supreme court

We look at four key cases that the employment tribunals and courts will be considering in 2017 and which employers and HR professionals need to watch out for. 1  Equal Pay 2017 will also give us the next chapter with Asda’s equal pay dispute. An Employment Tribunal gave thousands of women who work at the […]

Uber drivers’ employment status victory


The London Central Employment Tribunal has found against the company Uber, which allows people to book and pay for a taxi via an app, in a case regarding employment status. The decision is the first high-profile case on the gig economy in the UK. What was the main issue? The main issue was whether those […]

HMRC investigates ‘gig economy’

employment status

Ministers have ordered a crackdown on employers in the so-called gig economy who use a high number of self-employed or agency workers amid concerns about poor working conditions and an erosion of worker rights. Companies’ working practices and the employment status given to workers are hot topics as several organisations have been subject to inquiries, […]