Holidays & Annual Leave | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can annual leave be cancelled? There may be situations where you need to cancel an employee’s annual leave that has already been approved, such as a deadline being brought forward or an important meeting being scheduled during the time off. In these situations, you must give the employee the same length of notice as […]

Sickness Absence | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can employer terminate employment for sick absence? While occasional sickness absence is normal, you may have noticed that a particular employee seems to be sick far more than you’d expect of your average person. In these situations, you should refer to your sickness absence policy, which should set benchmarks, known as trigger points, for […]

Furlough | Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is furlough? Furlough is a temporary period of leave to help employers deal with the fact that there is no/less work available for employees at this time due to COVID-19. Employers may decide to furlough staff if they are experiencing a temporary downturn in business or if the business is forced to close […]

Redundancy | Frequently Asked Questions

1. If someone is made redundant, can they be replaced? Employers should proceed with caution when considering replacing any staff who have been made redundant. After all, to make somebody redundant implies that their role was no longer required, and deciding to hire somebody else in this position provides clear evidence that this was not […]