School fairs | A guide to health and safety requirements

When it comes to school fairs, effective planning and organisation is essential to creating an event that is both safe and enjoyable. And while health and safety shouldn’t be a barrier to holding school events, it’s important to make sure that risks to staff and visitors have been assessed and adequately controlled. Depending on the […]

HOSPITALITY | Health & Safety in the Kitchen

A commercial kitchen can be a very dangerous working environment. Even more so with a Gordon Ramsay style head chef! When you’ve got kitchen and waiting on staff dashing back and forth all day long in compact areas there are lots of hazards to contend with. These can include: Hot surfaces Harmful substances Sharp implements […]

E. coli in Vegetables


The recent E. coli food poisoning outbreak linked to imported green leaves and salads shows a trend towards vegetables as an additional source of E. coli. The outbreak, which has claimed two lives and made 144 ill, has been linked mainly to catering and residential care businesses. As a result, Public Health England has stopped […]

Strict New Sentencing Guidelines

Corporate Killing Law

New guidelines announced by the Sentencing Council are set to have a dramatic effect on penalties handed down to organisations or individuals convicted of Corporate Manslaughter, Health and Safety, and Food Safety and Hygiene offences in England and Wales. Until now, there has been limited guidance for judges and magistrates in dealing with what can […]

New H&S Sentencing Guidelines

The consultation on new sentencing guidelines for health and safety, corporate manslaughter, food safety and hygiene offences has closed after a three-month window for feedback. It is generally accepted among safety professionals that the final guidelines will look very similar to the consultation draft. International law firm Eversheds ran their own consultation amongst leading lawyers […]

A Recipe for Safety

The Health and Safety Executive has released a revised version of HSG252 “A Recipe for Safety” for the food and drink manufacturing industry. The new version is available to download free from the HSE Website. The document is aimed at everyone in the industry, including workers, supervisors, managers, directors, health and safety professionals and health and […]

Food Allergens

In December 2014, new legislation affecting those who provide or sell food comes into force. This month’s article looks at the duties contained in The Food Information Regulations 2014 (FIR) and what you must do. What is the Purpose of these New Regulations? The primary purpose of the FIR is to provide clear, comprehensive and […]