COURT RULING | Employers MUST measure working time in detail

Court of justice of european union

How do you measure the number of hours worked by employees? Following a recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), UK employers will now be required to keep a detailed record of time worked by employees, including both normal working hours and overtime. Federacion de Servicios de Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) v Deutsche […]

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination | 2019 Guide

pregnancy and maternity discrimination

It’s hard to believe, but pregnancy and maternity discrimination are on the rise. These are the findings in a report by the Women and Equalities Committee which has prompted the Government to consult on different options to ensure there are sufficient protections for pregnant women and new mothers. Discrimination claims are very costly and damaging to your […]

How to reduce employee turnover

How to reduce employee turnover

Employees leave an organisation for different reasons. They could be: Resigning Retiring Being dismissed It is an accepted way of life for businesses that people come and go, but if you are experiencing a high employee turnover, you need to assess the reasons for their departure and take steps to minimise the disruption to your […]

JANUARY BLUES | 6 Ways to Retain your Talent

New year goals

January is a time when people are keen to make some changes to their life and this may include looking for new job opportunities. Coupled with people worrying about their expanding waistline, fretting over the amount of money spent over the festive period and feeling gloomy about the cold, wet weather, many employees’ motivation levels […]

PwC take flexible working one step further

Gone are the days when job applicants most valued salary and employee benefits. Now people are looking for a good work/life balance and flexible working when considering a new job role. Accountancy giant, PwC, has launched a Flexible Talent Network programme, which enables new recruits to choose the hours they work. The general premise behind […]


job sharing

Employees are giving a good work-life balance more and more importance, compelling employers to consider flexible working to attract prospective employees and retain their current employees’ key talent. One flexible working arrangement which can offer some great benefits to employers is job sharing. Job sharing is when two, or sometimes more, colleagues share one role. […]

HR INFO | Dealing with new mothers’ requests to work part-time

breastfeeding at work maternity leave

What happens if an employee who works full-time asks to work part-time? Women on maternity leave frequently ask to return to work on a part-time basis in order to effectively juggle their work and care responsibilities. Employees with 26 continuous weeks of service have a statutory right to request flexible working, but there is no […]

HR GUIDE | Flexible Working – making it work for your business

flexible working

Some surveys have shown that employees will turn down a job because it offers no flexible working. In fact, it is now considered one of the most prized benefits to have, especially amongst millennials. Some employers have been slow to embrace flexible working arrangements. They fail to see the advantages, think it will have a […]

Rights to leave and pay for adoptive parents

adoptive parents

If an employee becomes an adoptive parent, they may be eligible for different types of leave and pay to look after the new addition to their family. Couple vs individual Where one person is adopting a child, that person is the adopter and can take Statutory Adoption Leave. If a couple jointly adopts a child, […]

HR GUIDE | Flexible working for the care sector

flexible working

Accommodating flexible working requests can be challenging, but more so, for employers in the care sector. The nature of the work can mean that workers have different shifts each week, long travel times and unsociable hours. Combined with the fact that the majority of those undertaking care roles are women and they will often be […]