3 health and safety disasters that cost employers thousands

If you follow health and safety even somewhat closely, you’ll know how alarmingly common accidents in the workplace are. Not a week goes by without a Health and Safety Executive bulletin bringing to our attention a long list of new safety catastrophes – and highlighting the significant costs that may result from a sub-par safety management system. […]

Emergency arrangements | Planning for fire and other major safety incidents

Employers need to plan for workplace emergencies. Special procedures are required for incidents such as serious injuries, electrocution, flood, chemical spills, explosion and fire. When a sudden crisis occurs, quick and effective action may help to ease the situation and reduce its consequences. To this end, it’s important to note that people are more likely […]

Warehouse safety | 8 practical ways to reduce risk

Despite being dangerous places to work, warehouse businesses sometimes fail to manage risk properly. This is because they take a ‘general’ approach to warehouse safety. In reality, warehousing work creates numerous specific and unique health and safety hazards that need to be identified and properly managed in order to prevent harm. Get your FREE consultation […]

SCHOOLS | 8 ways to keep your classrooms health and safety compliant

Children flourish in a safe and secure learning environment – and this starts in the classroom. Pupils and teachers spend most of their day in the classroom, and while not inherently a high-risk environment, ensuring risk is properly assessed and managed is essential to fulfilling your duty of care.  But where do you start with […]

Keeping pupils safe | Fire safety guide for schools

Fire safety in schools is vital, not least because large numbers of young people are gathered in one place, meaning the potential for catastrophe is high. With a recent spate of fires at schools in Scotland, including incidents in Edinburgh, Clackmannanshire and Dunfermline, it’s vital that every school has to take necessary precautions to protect its […]

Health and safety induction training | What to include and 10 top tips for employers

When it comes to creating a positive health and safety culture and driving down risk, raising awareness among employees and instilling the right behaviours from day one is essential. After all, unless staff understand the hazards associated with their role and working environment, and how to avoid them through safe working practices, mistakes will inevitably […]

Workplace fire safety | 8 essential to-dos for employers

The tragic events of 14 June 2017, when a fire broke out in the Grenfell Tower residential accommodation block, illustrated the devastating effects of poor fire safety management. Following the disaster, employers, landlords and property owners are rightfully concerned that they are fulfilling their duty of care and doing all they can to protect themselves […]

School fairs | A guide to health and safety requirements

When it comes to school fairs, effective planning and organisation is essential to creating an event that is both safe and enjoyable. And while health and safety shouldn’t be a barrier to holding school events, it’s important to make sure that risks to staff and visitors have been assessed and adequately controlled. Depending on the […]