Working At Height

working at height

Falls in the workplace are the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injury. No surprise then that work at height should be one of the risks at the forefront of any employer’s mind when undertaking risk assessments of their workplace. Ellis Whittam’s Health & Safety specialists examine […]

Costly Slips

A major supermarket chain has been fined £80,000 after an employee slipped on a spillage in the food preparation area of a supermarket. The worker was not seriously injured in the incident. The court found that the supermarket had failed to provide her with anti-slip footwear despite making such equipment available as a matter of […]

Slips, Trips & Falls

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Slips, trips and falls are among the most common health and safety issues in the workplace and yet, they are also among the most easily preventable. Here, we take a quick look at the issues and what measures you can take as an employer. Responsibilities of an Employer As an employer, the Health and Safety […]

In Court – December 2014

In Court: Care Home Fined after Window Death A care home has been fined £196,000 following the death of an elderly resident who fell to her death from a bedroom window. The resident had been able to overcome a restrictor device and open the bedroom window, which had a low window sill height, and fell […]

Window Restrictor Defect

The health and safety enforcement team of a city council have recently investigated the death of a 31 year old resident at a mental health crisis house. The resident fell from a second floor window at the home which was fitted with a restrictor. The restrictor is widely available and relies on a cable mounted […]