BOREDOM | 7 Ways to beat workplace tedium

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Bored employees can be an employer’s worst enemy. While at work, they daydream, online shop, read the news, play games, doodle, go on social media websites, distract others by chatting or worst of all, look for other jobs elsewhere. But how can employer burst workplace tedium? Here are seven ways to increase engagement in those […]

Recognising employee achievements

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Few things are more demoralising for an employee that having their hard work and success going unnoticed by their manager. Recognising your employees’ achievements is an important way to keep them engaged, performing at their optimum level and going the extra mile. It can also help with retaining employees and put a stop to spurious […]

Battling the heat and low productivity

summer HR challenges

After a weekend of sizzling heat, the warm weather seems here to stay.  When working in these hot conditions, work may not be the number one thing on your employees’ minds. They may even be tempted to pull a ‘sickie’ to make the most of the sun, or they may be clock watching and daydreaming […]