Remote redundancy | Is consultation via Zoom, email or phone legal?

Coronavirus has complicated many aspects of the employment relationship, not only introducing new concepts such as furlough but making certain HR processes more difficult due to restrictions on businesses. Get your FREE consultation In the realm of employee relations, some things are better done face to face. Dealing with people directly allows us to read […]

5 HR tips | Supporting staff through redundancy

The UK is now officially in recession for the first time in 11 years, with coronavirus causing the biggest economic slump on record and, with it, company payrolls have plummeted Almost three-quarters of a million people have already lost their jobs since lockdown began. Now, those whose jobs were originally spared by the furlough scheme […]

What you need to know about probationary periods

It’s quite common for an employee’s contract to include a probationary period to give the employer time to assess their suitability and capability for the role. The aim of a probationary period is to give new starters every possible opportunity to succeed through training and regular structured reviews. At the same time, if for any […]

How to fairly select employees for redundancy

Earlier this month, EasyJet made headlines for allegedly using pilots’ sickness records to select for redundancy. The criteria attracted criticism, particularly in the context of the safety-critical role that pilots undertake and the fact that the company has, quite rightly, previously encouraged pilots to report in sick if they are unfit to fly. The airline […]

Employment Tribunal survey suggests costlier, more complex claims

Employment tribunal compensation

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has now published the findings of its seventh survey into Employment Tribunal applications. The survey, which was conducted in 2018 based on a sample of single claims disposed of (settled or completed) between October 2016 and October 2017, examines the characteristics of claimants and employers involved […]

The end of shielding | Can I ask high-risk employees to return to work?

COVID-19 advice The information in this blog is correct as at 12 July 2020. For the most up-to-date Employment Law and Health & Safety advice to support your organisation through the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Coronavirus Advice Hub, which is updated daily and contains a variety of free guidance notes, letter templates, checklists, risk assessments and […]

How to prevent unconscious bias when recruiting

Whether we realise it or not, our life experiences, upbringing, background and culture all shape our personal outlook and views of other people. In employment, these innate biases can unwittingly influence recruitment decisions. Get your FREE consultation Unconscious bias is a real and insidious issue that affects not only employees and job seekers but employers, […]

Redundancy | Can you ask employees to INTERVIEW for their role?

disciplinary school

Before making an employee redundant, employers must make a genuine and concerted effort to find them suitable alternative employment within the organisation. But if such a role is available and there is more than one potential candidate in the mix, how should applications be considered? Get your FREE consultation Redundancies are never far from the […]

Redundancy | How to do it properly

making someone redundant

COVID-19 advice Looking for practical advice on making redundancies during the coronavirus pandemic and other common employment scenarios? Visit our free Coronavirus Advice Hub for answers. Take me to the Hub Handling redundancies is usually an extremely daunting task for employers. However, sometimes, it is a necessary business decision. With employers now contemplating their post-COVID-19 […]