Court of Appeal ruling on Employment Status

employment status

The Court of Appeal has concluded that Uber drivers are workers, not self-employed contractors. It agreed with the decision made by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and marks Uber’s third legal defeat on this matter. This is just one of a series of cases that has reached tribunals and courts and challenged employment status over […]

Rewinding 2018 | Employment Law cases

court cases

2018 has seen some important judgments being handed in tribunals and courts. Ellis Whittam runs through five important employment law cases which have had implications for employers. 1. Employment Status In light of the emergence of the gig economy, we have seen a series of decisions made by Employment Tribunals about whether an individual is […]

Supreme Court rules on landmark Gig Economy case

The Supreme Court has delivered its ruling on the long-awaited Pimlico Plumbers case focusing on employment status and the gig economy. This is the first time the UK’s highest court has made a decision on workers’ rights in light of the emergence of the gig economy.  Over the last couple of years, we have seen […]

How to determine someone’s employment status

fixed term employment contract

Concerns around ‘bogus’ self-employment have been bubbling under the surface for the last couple of years. With cases coming thick and fast to courts and tribunals and recent proposals for reform, we look at the importance of employment status, what factors to consider when ascertaining the status of individuals in your organisation and some of […]

Pimlico Plumbers case means for employers

employment status

Do you have a locum or a contractor who has been regularly engaged over an extended period of time on a self-employed basis? If so, you should be interested in the case of Pimlico Plumbers, which has been heard by the Supreme Court earlier this month and follows a series of decisions on employment status […]

Uber loses appeal – what next for gig economy?

Uber loses appeal

Taxi app Uber has lost its appeal after the Employment Appeal Tribunal confirmed that their drivers are, in fact, workers and should have basic employment law rights. This is another setback for the gig economy, which has faced significant legal action over employment status in the last few years. Background In October 2016, the first […]

Another blow for the gig economy

Another day brings another gig economy case. This time, Addison Lee has become the latest in a line of companies who have faced an Employment Tribunal over employment status. It was ruled that a former cycle courier was a worker, not an independent contractor as the company claimed. As such, he was entitled to holiday […]