Redundancy | How to do it properly

making someone redundant

COVID-19 advice Looking for practical advice on making redundancies during the coronavirus pandemic and other common employment scenarios? Visit our free Coronavirus Advice Hub for answers. Take me to the Hub Handling redundancies is usually an extremely daunting task for employers. However, sometimes, it is a necessary business decision. With employers now contemplating their post-COVID-19 […]

Can I refuse or cancel an employee’s holiday?

COVID-19 advice Looking for practical advice on refusing or cancelling employees’ holidays due to the coronavirus pandemic and other common scenarios? Visit our free Coronavirus Advice Hub for answers. Take me to the Hub There are some myths about annual leave that seem to linger no matter how untrue they are. Some of the most […]

HR nightmares before Christmas | Festive challenges and how to combat them

staff christmas

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but for employers and HR professionals, the lead up to Christmas can be a particularly stressful period. Of course, while you will want to embrace the spirit of the season, there are a number of challenges that crop up every year like clockwork which will […]

RETAIL | Managing mobile phone use on the shop floor

Trying to limit the use of mobile phones in the workplace can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. And while most reasonable employers will want to exercise some degree of flexibility in how they treat their staff, employees reaching for their phones every five minutes can have a real impact on productivity. The real […]

Whistleblowing | The law and best practice for employers

For employers, learning of potential wrongdoing being committed within your organisation can be incredibly unnerving. The law gives certain statutory protections to workers who ‘blow the whistle’, which can make employers feel as though their hands are tied. However, there are a number of requirements that workers must satisfy before they qualify for this protection. […]

CASE STUDY | Responding to complaints of sexual harassment

In the era of “Me Too”, people are becoming more vocal about behaviour that oversteps the mark. For employers, receiving allegations of sexual harassment can be jarring. Due to the serious and sensitive nature of such complaints, employers will understandably want to approach the situation with caution; however, choosing to turn a blind eye or […]

Can employers make changes to an employee’s contract without their consent?

COVID-19 advice Looking for advice on changing terms and conditions of employment during coronavirus? Download our simple guidance note, plus all the template resources you need to manage the process, from our free Back to Business Hub. Take me to the Hub It’s quite common for employers to amend employees’ terms and conditions of employment […]

6-STEP GUIDE | How to conduct a fair and legal disciplinary procedure

When it comes to disciplining employees, failing to follow a fair procedure and investigate properly can result in a whole host of legal trouble. Sacking an employee is a serious matter, which is why an Employment Tribunal will want to satisfy itself that the decision to dismiss was reasonable and reached after a fair and […]

6-STEP GUIDE | How to expertly handle workplace grievances

When an employee raises a grievance against a colleague, it’s in an employer’s best interest to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. After all, minimising disruption to your workforce is key to achieving your long-term goals and maintaining long-term success. Understanding how to adeptly navigate the grievance procedure is crucial to maintaining positive working relationships, […]