Manufacturing | Requiring employees to speak English

Health & Safety Inspection

Manufacturing businesses are often made of a diverse workforce with workers of many different nationalities and backgrounds. In this cases, employers may wish to impose a requirement that all employees in the workplace must communicate in English to ensure business efficacy and reduce misunderstandings. You may also want to do this to promote good working […]

Guide | 6 ways to implement HR policies successfully

HR policies

Your HR policies and procedures are useful documents. They shouldn’t be rotting away in the filing cabinet or hidden away on your PC. These HR policies are needed to deal with a wide array of issues. If an employee has a concern they wish to raise, you should manage their complaint via your grievance procedure. […]

Can you change the contents of an Employee Handbook?

employee handbook

Everything changes. Even the law. It’s extremely important to remain compliant with the law. All organisations should frequently review their Employee Handbook. This is to ensure its policies and procedures reflect any changes to legislation or case law developments. But can you change the Employee Handbook at the drop of a hat? The most significant […]

Getting workplace rules right

employee handbook

We all need rules in the workplace, but when do they cross the line? People have been talking a lot about Facebook and Google who have reportedly asked staff not to ask colleagues out on a date twice. If a colleague says no, the employee is not allowed to ask again. In the United States, […]

7 reasons all employers need an Employee Handbook

staff employee handbook

All employers need HR policies and procedures. If you have five or more employees, the law says that you need to have a written Health & Safety policy. Morevoer the Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance procedures lays down that all employers should have written disciplinary and grievance procedures. An Employee handbook would […]

What should be in an Employee Handbook?

staff employee handbook

All employers want to have a workforce that has high productivity and a low staff turnover. To achieve this, you need an Employee Handbook, often called a Staff Handbook, which contains workplace rules, standards and procedures. Some policies are a legal requirement, for example, employers with five or more employees are required to have a Health & Safety Policy in […]