Safely reopening your school | 5 lessons we can learn from Europe

Pupils starting the new school year will no doubt find the learning environment very different to how they left it back in March. COVID-19 has introduced a new and largely unknown risk to the workplace, and like other settings, schools have spent months implementing heightened health and safety measures to reduce the risk of infection. […]

Dealing with staff absence on reopening your school

COVID-19 advice The information in this blog is correct as at 19 August 2020. For the most up-to-date Employment Law and Health & Safety advice to support your organisation through the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Coronavirus Advice Hub, which is updated daily and contains a variety of free guidance notes, letter templates, checklists, risk assessments and […]

How to prevent unconscious bias when recruiting

Whether we realise it or not, our life experiences, upbringing, background and culture all shape our personal outlook and views of other people. In employment, these innate biases can unwittingly influence recruitment decisions. Get your FREE consultation Unconscious bias is a real and insidious issue that affects not only employees and job seekers but employers, […]

Panic at the posts | How schools can address parents’ safety concerns

As schools across the country take cautious steps into the unknown, opinion remains divided as to whether it is safe and indeed practical to bring pupils and teachers back to the classroom. Despite being given the green light by the government, reports have suggested highly variable levels of attendance in the first week of reopenings, […]

Coronavirus | Employment and health and safety FAQs

All you need to know about how your business can take appropriate risk control measures in the face of coronavirus (COVID-19). The implications of the virus on businesses and their employees are far-reaching and changing quickly. The following FAQ, which will be continually updated as new guidance is made available, provides you with a one-stop-shop […]

SCHOOLS | 8 ways to keep your classrooms health and safety compliant

Children flourish in a safe and secure learning environment – and this starts in the classroom. Pupils and teachers spend most of their day in the classroom, and while not inherently a high-risk environment, ensuring risk is properly assessed and managed is essential to fulfilling your duty of care.  But where do you start with […]

Health and safety on school trips | 2020 guide for schools

Out-of-school activities are important both educationally and in terms of wider personal development. They add to the curriculum, build confidence and increase skills. However, with the threat of HSE involvement should accidents occur, and the need to evidence that health and safety hazards were identified and risk properly managed, schools often shy away from trips […]

General Election 2019 | The parties’ proposals for employment law

With just over two weeks to go until one of the most anticipated General Elections in UK history, both parties’ manifestos are undergoing intense scrutiny – but what pledges are on the table for employment law? Before you cast your vote, here are some of the main policies each side are proposing that stand to […]

Work-related injury and ill-health | HSE’s annual statistics for 2018/19

As it does at the end of October each year, the HSE has now published its annual report revealing the extent of work-related injury and ill-health in Great Britain in 2018/19. In addition to quantifying incidences of injury and ill-health, the report, titled Health and safety at work: Summary statistics for Great Britain 2019, also […]