International Women’s Day | How greater gender balance “enables” businesses

This year, International Women’s Day centers around the theme “An equal world is an enabled world”. In business, this is a message that’s been proven to be true time and time again. Numerous studies have linked a gender-balanced workforce to better organisational results. Not only does research indicate that companies with greater gender diversity in […]

Immigration overhaul | Details of points-based system revealed

Ever since Brexit became a reality, the question on most employers’ lips has been “how will leaving the EU impact my workforce?” Now, as the transition period plays out, the government has finally unveiled how it’s “Australian-style” points-based immigration system will work in practice. Get your FREE consultation With immigration one of the driving forces […]

Warehouse safety | 8 practical ways to reduce risk

Despite being dangerous places to work, warehouse businesses sometimes fail to manage risk properly. This is because they take a ‘general’ approach to warehouse safety. In reality, warehousing work creates numerous specific and unique health and safety hazards that need to be identified and properly managed in order to prevent harm. Get your FREE consultation […]

Driving for work | Road safety charity calls on employers to take urgent action

Following a plateau in collision figures, a road safety charity has now stressed that urgent action is needed to tackle the number of work-related traffic accidents. IAM RoadSmart are calling on employers and their drivers to “do more” to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured while driving for work. Get your FREE […]

Avoiding safety slip-ups at the work Christmas party


It’s that time of year again, when workplaces everywhere gather their staff together to enjoy the festivities and celebrate hard work. While party season is in full swing, mention of health is somewhat of a mood killer. However, while your focus will be on fun and team-building, it’s important to remember that the Christmas party […]

Why a focus on behavioural safety may prove more effective than physical controls

Every year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) produce work-related injury and ill-health statistics. While the long-term rates of injury and ill health show a general downward trend, incident numbers have been broadly flat in recent years. Get your FREE consultation The question is, why? In the war on workplace accidents, physical preventative weapons such […]

Managing work-related stress | How employers can meet their duty of care

A stressed-out workforce doesn’t do anybody any good. In fact, work-related stress has significant consequences both for employees and employers. Workplace stress can affect employees’ health, morale, work rate, attendance and working relationships. In turn, this will likely impact your organisation’s productivity, staff turnover and reputation. Get your FREE consultation Facts and figures According to […]

RETAIL | Managing mobile phone use on the shop floor

Trying to limit the use of mobile phones in the workplace can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. And while most reasonable employers will want to exercise some degree of flexibility in how they treat their staff, employees reaching for their phones every five minutes can have a real impact on productivity. The real […]