Safety concern over self-employed drivers

concerns over safety of self-employed drivers

The gig economy has seen increasing numbers of self-employed drivers on our roads. But campaigners warn this increase along with pressure to make deliveries on-time poses a serious safety risk. Growing safety concerns UK van traffic reached a new peak last year largely thanks to the growth in online shopping and home delivery. However, there […]

Driven to distraction?

Hands-free Mobile

Employers typically have policies stating hand-held mobiles should not be used when driving. Organisations also often provide vehicles with bluetooth (hands-free) technology. This begs the question: Will an employee and/or their employer be liable if the worker has an accident while using a hands-free set? Using a hands-free kit is lawful. However, this does not […]

Drunk tractor driver jailed after killing boy


A tractor-driving farmworker who ran over a boy has been jailed. It is thought the driver drank some 13 pints of beer the night before the incident. The boy regularly visited a farm where his mother worked. While parts were open to the public as visitor attractions, working areas were closed off and separated by […]

10 years for driving while on phone

truck crash

A lorry driver has been jailed for 10 years after looking at his mobile moments before ploughing into traffic at 50mph. A woman and three children were killed. A dash-cam showed the driver viewed his phone for several seconds. The court heard he was so distracted he barely looked at the road for nearly a […]

What if an employee is banned from driving?

Can I dismiss an employee who is banned from driving?

If an employee needs to carry out their job, what should you do if they are banned from driving? We answer some key questions on what to do in this situation. Can I dismiss an employee who is disqualified from driving? A dismissal will be considered legally fair when an employer can show that the […]

Hands-Free Not Risk-Free

Hands-free Mobile

New research reveals that talking on a hands-free phone while driving can be as distracting as talking on a handheld mobile. The study, carried out by researchers at the University of Sussex, finds that drivers who are engaged in conversation are less likely to spot and react to hazards. Sixty volunteers were invited to watch […]

In Court: Talking on Hands-Free

sexual harassment and NDAs

A 43 year-old woman lost control of her Mercedes as she drove at around 40mph on a 60mph carriageway, and ploughed into an oncoming car on the opposite side of the road. The driver she hit had to be cut from her vehicle by firefighters and put on board an air ambulance, but she died […]

In Court: Driving Whilst Tired

sexual harassment and NDAs

Companies can be liable for driving-related incidents even during the “regular commute” as a result of work conditions impacting on the driver, a court has found. In this case, a young employee died in a traffic collision whilst driving home after working three consecutive 19-hour shifts. The vehicle he was driving drifted into the path […]

Occupational Driving

health and safety help

According to the Department for Transport figures, more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents involve someone who is driving on behalf of their employer. Employers should be aware of their statutory duties not believe the myth that once the vehicle leaves the employer’s premises it is then the driver’s sole responsibility. A business […]