DRESS CODE | Piercings in the workplace

Can an employer ask an employee to not wear a piercing to work?  Employers do have a wide discretion to decide what their employees are allowed to wear at work as long as the rules are reasonable and non-discriminatory. Think long and hard about the reasons You should give serious thought about the reasons behind […]

Heat at Work – An Employer’s Guide

heat at work

The UK is not renowned for its hot weather. But a mini heat wave has come along and made us all hot under the collar. What’s the law on heat in the workplace? It is best for employers to be prepared and know what to do if and when the temperature ramps up. The law […]

Dress code guidance issued


The Government Equalities Office has published guidance on dress codes and sex discrimination. In the last few years, dress codes have come under fire. A story emerged of a worker being sent home for not wearing high heels and numerous reports have surfaced of employees feeling uncomfortable because they have been asked to wear provocative […]

UNIFORMS | Should employers pick up the bill?

Do you expect your team to wear a uniform? As long as the organisation’s rules on dress code are reasonable and non-discriminatory, employers have a fair degree of leeway to decide what employers must wear to work. There are many reasons a uniform is suitable for your organisation. These can be: Creating an appropriate corporate […]

Dressed not to be killed


You would think anyone in their right mind would gladly wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing dangerous tasks. However, plenty of workers don’t. They put themselves at risk of injury or death and their employers at risk of prosecution. We all know that PPE can be an effective last line of protection. But how […]

Are dress codes in need of modernisation?

are dress codes in need of modernisation

Last week, the speaker of the House of Commons said male MPs no longer need to wear a tie in the chamber.   It comes after Liberal Democrat Tom Brake MP asked a question in the House of Commons Chamber and was spotted not wearing a tie. In line with parliamentary custom, male MPs are […]

New guidance on dress codes this summer

dress code

You will no doubt remember the story from last year of the receptionist who was sent home for refusing to wear high heels. Now, the government is set to bring in guidance for employers. Background Last year, receptionist Nicola Thorp set up a petition after she was sent home from work for not wearing a […]

EU Court says workplace headscarf ban lawful

headscarf ban

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has stated that employers may prohibit workers from wearing headscarves at work in certain circumstances.  The two cases brought before the ECJ are the first of their kind to have reached the EU’s top court and come at a time when there is fierce debate across Europe about the […]

Are dress codes at work sexist?

dress code

This week, gender discrimination has taken centre stage. Hundreds of marches took place this weekend and now two committees, the Women and Equalities Commission and the Petitions Commission, are calling for a review of the law to ensure employees are protected from discriminatory dress codes at work. The Parliamentary inquiry was launched after a petition […]

Women Feel Pressure to Look Sexy at Work

Women feel pressure to look sexy at work

Women are feeling under pressure from their employers to wear heels, provocative tops, tights skirts and apply more makeup to look sexy at work.   2,000 women were questioned as part of a study commissioned by the law firm Slater and Gordon. For this day and age, the results are perhaps surprising. Survey’s findings The […]