Direct discrimination | What employers need to know

It may seem obvious to say that employers can’t discriminate against their staff, but employment law makes a distinction between indirect and direct discrimination – both of which may be unlawful. So what’s the difference? In this article, we take a look at direct discrimination, including the legal definition, some practical examples, and whether or […]

HR nightmares before Christmas | Festive challenges and how to combat them

staff christmas

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but for employers and HR professionals, the lead up to Christmas can be a particularly stressful period. Of course, while you will want to embrace the spirit of the season, there are a number of challenges that crop up every year like clockwork which will […]

RETAIL | Managing mobile phone use on the shop floor

Trying to limit the use of mobile phones in the workplace can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. And while most reasonable employers will want to exercise some degree of flexibility in how they treat their staff, employees reaching for their phones every five minutes can have a real impact on productivity. The real […]

Can employers make changes to an employee’s contract without their consent?

COVID-19 advice Looking for advice on changing terms and conditions of employment during coronavirus? Download our simple guidance note, plus all the template resources you need to manage the process, from our free Back to Business Hub. Take me to the Hub It’s quite common for employers to amend employees’ terms and conditions of employment […]

Too hot to work? | Employees threaten to walk out over soaring temperatures

It’s hot. Possibly too hot. Workplaces everywhere are descending into sweaty chaos, and nobody’s quite sure what to do about it. Facebook is awash with people complaining about the temperature in their workplace, with one Facebook group going so far as to organise a mass walkout in protest. But what does the law say? Can […]

Hospitality | National Minimum Wage (NMW) rules

When the government names and shames employers who have failed to comply with National Minimum Wage rules, hospitality businesses often appear on the list. In theory, paying the correct National Minimum Wage rate is easy, but there are always areas which bring about confusion. Ellis Whittam’s Employment Law Advisers highlight some of the key points all hospitality […]

DRESS CODE | Piercings in the workplace

Can an employer ask an employee to not wear a piercing to work?  Employers do have a wide discretion to decide what their employees are allowed to wear at work as long as the rules are reasonable and non-discriminatory. Think long and hard about the reasons You should give serious thought about the reasons behind […]

Battling the heat and low productivity

summer HR challenges

After a weekend of sizzling heat, the warm weather seems here to stay.  When working in these hot conditions, work may not be the number one thing on your employees’ minds. They may even be tempted to pull a ‘sickie’ to make the most of the sun, or they may be clock watching and daydreaming […]

Guide | 6 ways to implement HR policies successfully

HR policies

Your HR policies and procedures are useful documents. They shouldn’t be rotting away in the filing cabinet or hidden away on your PC. These HR policies are needed to deal with a wide array of issues. If an employee has a concern they wish to raise, you should manage their complaint via your grievance procedure. […]

Hot weather in the workplace | A H&S perspective

hot weather in the workplace

Does the current heatwave give you cause for concern about the temperature in your workplace? Hot weather is great for a day on the beach, but not necessarily in the workplace. People usually best work at temperatures between 16°C and 24°C. Although this varies depending on the kind of work being done. Strenuous work is […]