Laying off staff due to coronavirus | What employers need to know

COVID-19 advice The information in this blog is correct as at 20 March 2020. For the most up-to-date Employment Law and Health & Safety advice to support your organisation through the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Coronavirus Advice Hub, which is updated daily and contains a variety of free guidance notes, letter templates, checklists, risk assessments and […]

New Employment Bill | What does the new decade have in store for employment law?

The Conservative Party made a number of ambitious employment-related pledges in their election manifesto, but now that they hold a comfortable majority, what “radical” changes can employers expect? In a move more synonymous with Labour ideals, the second Queen’s Speech of 2019 announced the government’s plans for a new Employment Bill which would improve workers’ […]

Good Work Plan latest | Employment Law changes for your 2020 calendar

In 2018, the government produced its Good Work Plan, setting out several proposed changes to employment law intended to improve the rights of employees and workers. As 2020 gains momentum, we provide a rundown of three significant changes that are set to come into force on 6 April, plus a number of other changes planned […]

The Queen’s Speech 2019 | 3 proposed changes to employment and immigration

Last week, Boris Johnson’s to-do list was presented in a 28-bill Queen’s Speech, with a heavy focus on law and order. The speech, delivered in the Chamber of the House of Lords, detailed the various legislation that the government plans to introduce in the forthcoming Parliamentary session, or carry over from the previous session. Get […]

COURT RULING | Holiday pay calculations must include voluntary overtime

Getting to grips with the rules surrounding annual leave and holiday pay can be a real headache for employers. By law, workers are entitled to a week’s pay for each week of statutory leave that they take. For employees who work fixed hours, this makes the situation relatively clear-cut: holiday pay amounts to their weekly […]

Hospitality | National Minimum Wage (NMW) rules

When the government names and shames employers who have failed to comply with National Minimum Wage rules, hospitality businesses often appear on the list. In theory, paying the correct National Minimum Wage rate is easy, but there are always areas which bring about confusion. Ellis Whittam’s Employment Law Advisers highlight some of the key points all hospitality […]

ITEMISED PAY | A Guide for Employers

garden leave

By now, you should be aware of new government legislation that means all employers to provide an itemised payslip. This took effect from 6 April 2019. What does the legislation require, and when does it apply? What is an itemised payslip? Essentially, an itemised payslip provides a breakdown of the worker’s pay, detailing and explaining […]

EMPLOYMENT LAW | Shake up Announced

What is garden leave?

Brexit may be dominating MPs time but the government has also been hard at work producing its Good Work Plan. This plan sets out its commitment to introducing a variety of legislative and policy changes affecting employers.  Background In July 2017, the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices was published. This government-commissioned review looked at […]

2019 | Important HR and Employment Law Changes

With 2018, employers had to grapple many changes to HR and Employment Law. This includes the introduction of the GDPR and gender pay reporting, changes to taxation of termination payments and increases to the national minimum wage. So what can employers expect in 2019? It is set to be another busy year for HR and […]

RETAIL | Deducting wages when missing stock

Shortfalls in tills or missing stock are a frustrating conundrum many retail employers face. You have enough things to do than play detective. Sometimes it will be an honest mistake – the employee is handling cash, gift cards, debit and credit cards and store discount cards and transactions can go amiss. Other times they may […]