Whistleblowing | The law and best practice for employers

For employers, learning of potential wrongdoing being committed within your organisation can be incredibly unnerving. The law gives certain statutory protections to workers who ‘blow the whistle’, which can make employers feel as though their hands are tied. However, there are a number of requirements that workers must satisfy before they qualify for this protection. […]

[7 min read] What is RIDDOR?

health safety at work RIDDOR

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) is law that was revised in 2013. This requires employers to report and keep records of work-related accidents and diseases. RIDDOR also covers dangerous occurrences or near misses.  This blog explains everything you need to know about RIDDOR, what to report and your responsibility as […]

How employers are using social media to make recruitment decisions

social media and recruitment

In the early days of social media, the idea of an employer checking a potential employee’s Facebook page to assess their suitability for a role wasn’t something that many job seekers would have worried about. Users felt that their profiles were a place to express themselves unfiltered – and work was an entirely separate domain. […]

2018 | Health and Safety Review

The past year has again been something of a mixed bag for occupational Health & Safety risk management. We take a look back at some of the incidents and stats that have shaped 2018. Injury and Fatality Figures  The Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) annual statistics showed a continued general downward trend in the number of major […]

2018 | HR and Employment Law Changes

It’s been a busy 2018 for Employment Law and HR changes. Ellis Whittam takes a closer look at some of the most significant events that have occurred throughout 2018: Government response to Taylor Review In the last few years, there have been growing concerns about modern working practices, in particular employment status, zero hours contracts, […]

Rewinding 2018 | Employment Law cases

court cases

2018 has seen some important judgments being handed in tribunals and courts. Ellis Whittam runs through five important employment law cases which have had implications for employers. 1. Employment Status In light of the emergence of the gig economy, we have seen a series of decisions made by Employment Tribunals about whether an individual is […]

HEALTH | Prying on patient records

Curiosity can be a great thing. However, it can get the better of some people. This can enter into dangerous territory. Staff in GP surgeries may think they are not doing anything that bad when they snoop on the records of family, friends, neighbours or acquaintances, but it can bring about potentially serious consequences. Just […]

STRESS IN EDUCATION | What can be done?

teaching education support

Teachers have taken 1.3 million days off as a result of stress and poor mental health in the last four years. It is yet another reminder of the immense pressure facing those in the teaching profession. 0 Million Days off as a result of stress and poor mental health Stress in teaching With reportedly overwhelming […]