Pushed out the door? | What employers need to know about constructive dismissal

constructive dismissal

Not all dismissals involve an employer giving an employee their marching orders. In some cases, an act or acts committed by the employer creates such a hostile working environment that it makes it impossible for the relationship to continue. Get your FREE consultation In situations where an employee is effectively forced out, their resignation is […]

Maternity ‘pause clause’ deemed discriminatory

employment tribunal

An Employment Tribunal concluded that an employee who went on maternity leave was discriminated against after her employer used a ‘pause clause’ in the training agreement to recoup expensive training costs. It is another reminder that under the Equality Act, it’s unlawful for an employer to treat someone less favourably because she is pregnant, suffering […]

Employer fined in transgender discrimination case

employment tribunal

Retail giant, Primark, has been recommended by an Employment Tribunal to implement a written policy on dealing with transgender employees after they failed to deal with an employee’s grievances.   As a result, they have to pay over £47,000 in compensation. Facts of the case The claimant worked as a retail assistant. On her passport, […]