General Election 2019 | The parties’ proposals for employment law

With just over two weeks to go until one of the most anticipated General Elections in UK history, both parties’ manifestos are undergoing intense scrutiny – but what pledges are on the table for employment law? Before you cast your vote, here are some of the main policies each side are proposing that stand to […]

How should employers respond to sexual harassment complaints?

Gross misconduct meeting

The #MeToo Movement has shown sexual harassment is not just a symptom of the entertainment industry; it is an issue that is prevalent in workplaces across all sectors. A recent study by the Trades Union Congress has revealed that one in eight women have experienced unwanted sexual touching or attempts to kiss them at work, […]

Sexual harassment in the workplace | Will government recommendations become law?

Last week, an alliance of unions, charities and women’s rights groups initiated a campaign calling for employers to be held legally liable if they fail to protect their staff from sexual harassment at work. As it stands, responsibility for reporting sexual harassment at work lies with the victim, and employers are currently under no legal […]

Football club fined over volunteer’s fatal fall from height

St Albans City Football Club has been fined £1,000 following the death of a volunteer. 71-year-old Clive Churchhouse, who had carried out ‘odd jobs’ at the club for many years, suffered fatal injuries after he fell through fragile roof sheeting at the Clarence Park ground. Luton Magistrates’ Court heard how Mr Churchhouse, a lifelong fan […]

CHARITIES | 3 things you need to know when engaging volunteers

volunteers and charities

Charitable organisations heavily rely on the man power of generous volunteers, but employers’ obligations in respect of non-paid workers are often unclear. Confusion over the distinction between volunteers, workers and employees can lead to a whole host of legal issues for third-sector employers, but understanding where the line is drawn can help you to get […]

CHARITY | The effect of TUPE


When your charity is going through a restructure, you will have one hundred things on your to do list. One of the most important is thinking about what happens to any new staff that are coming on board. For example, if you are tendering for a contract to provide services and the contract involves providing […]

CHARITIES | 5 top tips in the #MeToo era


The #MeToo movement has shown that people who have suffered from sexual harassment are becoming more and more confident in speaking out about their experiences at work.  Slowly, the culture of silence is being eroded. Recent high profile cases have shown we still have a long way to go to ensure this type of behaviour […]

Battling the heat and low productivity

summer HR challenges

After a weekend of sizzling heat, the warm weather seems here to stay.  When working in these hot conditions, work may not be the number one thing on your employees’ minds. They may even be tempted to pull a ‘sickie’ to make the most of the sun, or they may be clock watching and daydreaming […]

Supporting employees who are carers

Being a carer is very challenging and more so when you are working a full-time job. Employees can struggle to juggle both personal and professional commitments and this can negatively impact their heath and wellbeing, work performance and ability to focus on their daily tasks. If it all gets too much for them, it can […]

3 top tips on whistleblowing for charities

pay secrecy clauses

With reports that a whistleblower has accused Oxfam of failing to act after being informed of safeguarding issues, it is a good time to remind all charities of the law in this area. In particular, charities should be thinking about how they deal with any concerns raised by a whistleblower and review their policies and […]