CHARITIES | 3 things you need to know when engaging volunteers

volunteers and charities

Charitable organisations heavily rely on the man power of generous volunteers, but employers’ obligations in respect of non-paid workers are often unclear. Confusion over the distinction between volunteers, workers and employees can lead to a whole host of legal issues for third-sector employers, but understanding where the line is drawn can help you to get […]

CHARITY | The effect of TUPE


When your charity is going through a restructure, you will have one hundred things on your to do list. One of the most important is thinking about what happens to any new staff that are coming on board. For example, if you are tendering for a contract to provide services and the contract involves providing […]

CHARITIES | 5 top tips in the #MeToo era


The #MeToo movement has shown that people who have suffered from sexual harassment are becoming more and more confident in speaking out about their experiences at work.  Slowly, the culture of silence is being eroded. Recent high profile cases have shown we still have a long way to go to ensure this type of behaviour […]