New year, new fines | January’s top 5 health and safety penalties

Not a month goes by without harrowing reports of fatalities or serious injury in the workplace. These stories emphasise that, despite the UK’s world-leading position in health and safety, there is still much to be done in 2020 to drive down the figures and ultimately ensure people return home safely at the end of the working […]

Workplace transport safety | Haulier fined after worker injured by moving vehicle

Every year, over 5,000 accidents involve transport in the workplace. Main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles, or being crushed or struck by them. In fact, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) fatality figures for the five-year period 2014/15-2018/19 reveal that: Being struck by a moving vehicle accounted for 19% of all fatalities – […]

6-STEP GUIDE | How to conduct a fair and legal disciplinary procedure

When it comes to disciplining employees, failing to follow a fair procedure and investigate properly can result in a whole host of legal trouble. Sacking an employee is a serious matter, which is why an Employment Tribunal will want to satisfy itself that the decision to dismiss was reasonable and reached after a fair and […]

H&S NEWS | Topshop Fined £450k after Barrier Fall

health and safety fine topshop

A retail chain has been fined after a girl suffered a fractured skull when shop furniture hit her head. The ten-year-old had been on a shopping trip with her mother. As the mother returned a display item, she heard a scream and turned to see her daughter lying on the floor with a queue barrier […]

News | Avoiding vehicle-pedestrian failures

moving vehicles

According to Health & Safety Executive (HSE) data, some 70 people are killed and 2,000 seriously injured each year in incidents involving moving vehicles in workplaces. In the latest damning statistic, a timber firm has been heavily fined after two men walking across a yard were hit by a truck. Lack of segregation HSE investigators […]

Stop theft in your workplace!

retail health and safety

When we think of theft, what automatically springs to mind is someone stealing stock from the back room. But in the retail sector, theft can manifest itself in a variety of ways. It may be that an employee does not ring through transactions on the till, doesn’t give customers the correct change and pockets it […]

Microchipping employees – is this the future?

A US company has decided to microchip its employees. Technology firm, Three Square Market, has announced that 50 of its 80 employees have volunteered to have radio frequency identification (RFID) technology implanted between their thumb and forefinger. This relieves them of the need to swipe a card or flash their ID badge to clock in. Chief […]