Water Temperature Safety

Water Temperature Safety

Are you responsible for bathing vulnerable persons? Many health and social care providers are responsible for vulnerable individuals who may be at higher risk on contact with hot water and surfaces. This could include older people, children, and people with a range of disabilities or those who could not react to temperature quickly enough to […]

Care Home Death

A care home has been fined £100,000 after an elderly resident died from serious burns. The resident had been admitted to the home for two weeks of emergency care on the advice of an occupational therapist. Only four days later he fell in his room and became trapped between a wardrobe and a radiator, suffering […]

In Court – December 2014

In Court: Care Home Fined after Window Death A care home has been fined £196,000 following the death of an elderly resident who fell to her death from a bedroom window. The resident had been able to overcome a restrictor device and open the bedroom window, which had a low window sill height, and fell […]

Elderly Resident Scalded

A care home has been fined £30,000 after an elderly resident was placed in a bath that was too hot. The resident, who is unable to speak, was only extricated from the bath after the care home staff noticed her visible distress. She suffered scalding on her hands and feet, but suffered no lasting injury. […]