Why are employers losing the battle against bullying?

With the government rocked by allegations of bullying against Home Secretary Priti Patel, employers are faced with a difficult question: are we overlooking similar behaviour in our workplace? More synonymous with school playgrounds, bullying at work is all too often disregarded. In actual fact, according to an illuminating report by CIPD, 15% of workers have […]

Supporting vegan employees | Practical tips and legal considerations

Veganism is on the rise. With meat-free alternatives now occupying a much larger space on supermarket shelves, and a recent influx of fast food companies launching vegan options, there is an expectation for workplaces to follow suit. However, if you’re not vegan yourself, understanding how best to accommodate employees who are can be a bit […]

Managing employees | Are you approaching conflict wrong?

It’s an aspect of the job most would hope to avoid, but when you’re in charge of a team, managing conflict comes with the territory. With a mixture of personalities forced to work in close proximity day in day out, there are bound to be times when individuals don’t see eye to eye. Personality clashes, […]

Philosophical belief discrimination? | Employee dismissed over transphobic views

In the era of social justice, issues of gender identity stir up heated debate between those pushing for greater acceptance and those refusing to budge from biological views of sex. As an emotive topic with the potential to cause real offence, when the discussion seeps into the workplace, it can be difficult for employers to […]

Secret Santa | 3 ways to keep gift-giving fun, without unwrapping HR issues

secret santa

Love it or hate it, Secret Santa is something many workplaces participate in in the lead up to Christmas, as an opportunity for team bonding and a little lighthearted relief. But for employers and HR professionals, the thought of trusting employees to strike the right balance between fun and thoughtful and just straight-up inappropriate can […]

Managing work-related stress | How employers can meet their duty of care

A stressed-out workforce doesn’t do anybody any good. In fact, work-related stress has significant consequences both for employees and employers. Workplace stress can affect employees’ health, morale, work rate, attendance and working relationships. In turn, this will likely impact your organisation’s productivity, staff turnover and reputation. Get your FREE consultation Facts and figures According to […]