BREXIT | Mark Ellis Responds

Brexit deal rejected

Brexit The UK parliament has decided to reject Theresa May’s deal on how the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will look. Ellis Whittam support over 17,000 employers with Employment Law, HR and Health and Safety and therefore, are uniquely placed to understand the barometer of business concerns.  Mark Ellis, Founder of Ellis Whittam, reflects on […]

The Brexit Vote & Employment Law and Health and Safety


Despite many false dawns, the reality of what the UK might look like in a post – Brexit world is becoming clear. Parliament is due to vote on Theresa May’s deal to leave the European Union on January 15th 2019. It is important all organisations prepare for any eventuality and take steps to ensure they […]

2019 | Important HR and Employment Law Changes

With 2018, employers had to grapple many changes to HR and Employment Law. This includes the introduction of the GDPR and gender pay reporting, changes to taxation of termination payments and increases to the national minimum wage. So what can employers expect in 2019? It is set to be another busy year for HR and […]

BREXIT | 3 ways employers can prepare


Brexit may be one of employers’ biggest concerns going into 2019, but unfortunately, we still have more question than answers. Everyone wants to know the latest information to try and take steps to prepare for the post-Brexit landscape.  However, despite Brexit now delayed until October 31st, there is still a lot of areas which have yet […]

BREXIT | What happens to employee rights if there is no deal?


Concerns have been mounting as we head towards March 2019 without clear signs that a deal with the EU can be reached. The government has taken the step of publishing a series of guidance in the event that a deal cannot be struck. In its ‘Workplace rights if there’s no Brexit deal’ document, the government […]

Rights of EU workers post-Brexit

Since the Brexit referendum, there has been uncertainty amongst employers about the status of their EU workers.  The Prime Minister has now unveiled a “fair and serious offer” concerning EU citizens living and working in the UK. In the government paper, it was revealed that until we officially leave the EU, the rights of EU […]

What the Brexit White Paper says about employment law

brexit white paper

The Government’s Brexit White Paper has now been published, and it offers some insight into how this might impact on employment law. It has been published just as the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill is jumping through the legislative hurdles in Parliament. It is anticipated that the process will be done in time to […]

Parliament must be given say on Brexit

supreme court

In one of the most constitutionally significant cases, the Supreme Court has ruled that the government cannot trigger Article 50 – the formal procedure for leaving the EU – without an Act of Parliament which authorises it. It also ruled that the UK government does not have to ask the governments in Scotland, Wales and […]

Boss wants safety laws scrapped after Brexit


SME business leader and Brexiteer Simon Boyd has written to MPs with a list of Health & Safety laws he wants abolished once the UK leaves the EU. Mr Boyd, head of REIDsteel, believes EU membership offers nothing for the “clear majority” of SMEs. He hopes MPs will listen and understand the view that SMEs […]

Brexit – another spanner in the works


In the latest twist in the Brexit saga, the High Court has ruled that the Government does not have the power to trigger Article 50 without the approval of Parliament.   This follows Theresa May’s recent announcement that she would trigger Article 50, the formal withdrawal procedure to leave the EU, by the end of March […]