Redundancy | Frequently Asked Questions

1. If someone is made redundant, can they be replaced? Employers should proceed with caution when considering replacing any staff who have been made redundant. After all, to make somebody redundant implies that their role was no longer required, and deciding to hire somebody else in this position provides clear evidence that this was not […]

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage 2020 | Updated rates explained

It’s that time again. The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage increase from 1 April. Then there’s the Living Wage – not to be confused with the National Living Wage – which will also be updated for 2020. Get your FREE consultation Confused? You’re not alone. Employers can be left scratching their heads wondering how […]

Whistleblowing | The law and best practice for employers

For employers, learning of potential wrongdoing being committed within your organisation can be incredibly unnerving. The law gives certain statutory protections to workers who ‘blow the whistle’, which can make employers feel as though their hands are tied. However, there are a number of requirements that workers must satisfy before they qualify for this protection. […]

Chemical safety | Company fined after teenage apprentice overcome by killer fumes

A wheel refurbishment company has been sentenced after a 16-year-old apprentice was overcome by vapours from chemicals used to strip and clean alloy wheels. The apprentice had entered an “acid room” to retrieve wheels from a barrel containing dichloromethane (DCM), methanol and hydrofluoric acid. A colleague found him unconsciously slumped over the barrel. Get your […]

Hospitality | National Minimum Wage (NMW) rules

When the government names and shames employers who have failed to comply with National Minimum Wage rules, hospitality businesses often appear on the list. In theory, paying the correct National Minimum Wage rate is easy, but there are always areas which bring about confusion. Ellis Whittam’s Employment Law Advisers highlight some of the key points all hospitality […]

H&S NEWS | Engineering Company Fined after Apprentice Injury

engineering apprentice

An engineering company has been fined after an apprentice was injured by a lathe. Health & Safety Executive investigators found the company had failed to carry out correct control measures and implement a safe system of work. Exposed Moving Parts The court heard “safeguarding” interlocks in a CNC lathe were overridden to allow operation while doors […]

SKILLS GAP | Apprentices in manufacturing


With an ongoing skills gap in the manufacturing industry, we take a look at the issues manufacturers are facing with their workforce, and what the changing demographic of workers means for employers. What’s the situation? The world of manufacturing is changing. With new technologies dominating the scene, a wide range of new technical skills are […]

APRIL 2019 | Pay changes you need to know


Are you one of the many employers confused by the terminology used for minimum pay rates? With the National Minimum Wage, National Living Wage and Living Wage, employers can be left scratching their head wondering how much they are legally required to pay their workers and who is entitled to receive it. Employers have been caught […]

2019 | Important HR and Employment Law Changes

With 2018, employers had to grapple many changes to HR and Employment Law. This includes the introduction of the GDPR and gender pay reporting, changes to taxation of termination payments and increases to the national minimum wage. So what can employers expect in 2019? It is set to be another busy year for HR and […]

BUDGET | Minimum Wage Changes

National Minimum Wage Rates

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has announced that the government has accepted the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations. As of 1 April 2019, the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage are set to increase. The National Living Wage (the rate for those who are 25 or over) will rise from £7.83 to £8.21 per hour.  The […]