ENTREPRENEURS | 5 things you need to know about HR

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Whether entrepreneurs believe it or not, HR is an important ingredient to success. To grow and build your business, you need staff. When managing a team, it’s more than just providing inductions, carrying out a formal annual review, disciplining those who commit misconduct and organising a work Christmas party to engage your staff. In fact, […]

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT | Are you demotivating your employees?

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According to Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), one in ten employers believed their performance management processes were demotivating their employees. When an employee receives praise, feedback and constructive criticism, they are likely to be more motivated about their work.  This is especially the case when they feel that their managers are helping them in the pursuit […]


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Entrepreneur and business magnate Richard Branson famously said that ‘If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.’ Whether it is that easy is debatable, but he makes the valid point – employers can reap the rewards of looking after their employees. This doesn’t just mean giving them a good […]

The importance of employee objectives

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Performance management is much more than just an annual review. To get the very best out of your employees, it is important for all employers to carry out an ongoing process of monitoring and regularly assessing performance. A vital component to performance management is setting each and every employee some objectives. When setting objectives, you […]

Is it time to scrap the annual review?

Annual reviews are the two words that cause many to think “oh here we go again”. Line managers dread the mountains of paperwork required and the potential for some very awkward conversations and employees are anxious and stressed about what is in store. Traditionally, companies have settled for an annual review and reserved frequent appraisals […]