HOSPITALITY | Slips, Trips and Falls

slips trips falls

Slips, trips and falls are the most frequently occurring accidents in the hospitality industry. However, they can readily be prevented with the right awareness and training, cleaning procedures, equipment maintenance and footwear. Many of the hazards causing slips and falls in pubs, hotels and restaurants etc can be found at workplaces in other industries. This […]

HOSPITALITY | Health & Safety in the Kitchen

A commercial kitchen can be a very dangerous working environment. Even more so with a Gordon Ramsay style head chef! When you’ve got kitchen and waiting on staff dashing back and forth all day long in compact areas there are lots of hazards to contend with. These can include: Hot surfaces Harmful substances Sharp implements […]

LOGISTICS | Personal Safety and Vehicles

Poor personal safety around fleet vehicles is a top Health & Safety failing. When auditing their business, logistic companies are often found wanting in several areas. In particular, they often fail: To ensure appropriate Health & Safety policy and risk assessments are in place To communicate their Health & Safety policy and risk assessment findings […]

SCHOOLS | The Health & Safety Challenge

Schools should be safe havens.  After all, when a child doesn’t feel safe, they won’t learn. Moreover, safeguarding people from risk of harm is a legal duty. Indeed under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974, school employers must take reasonable steps to make sure staff, pupils and others are not exposed to […]

HEALTH & SAFETY | The Challenge for Retail Owners

Owners and managers of small and medium retail companies have to juggle multiple functions and responsibilities, and often overlook Health & Safety regulations. But workplace Health & Safety should be a top priority. After all, safeguarding people from risk of injury is a legal duty – as a retailer, you have to protect everyone in […]

Hot weather in the workplace | A H&S perspective

hot weather in the workplace

Does the current heatwave give you cause for concern about the temperature in your workplace? Hot weather is great for a day on the beach, but not necessarily in the workplace. People usually best work at temperatures between 16°C and 24°C. Although this varies depending on the kind of work being done. Strenuous work is […]

News | Bonkers H&S ban on water cooler?

A health centre has removed its water cooler during the hottest week of the year over fears people will slip on spills.  Central Canvey Primary Care Centre says the decision was taken for the ‘safety of all visitors’. A spokesman said ‘Drinking water will always be available and visitors can request this from reception’.   […]

NEWS | BUPA fined £3m after Legionella death

A care home provider has been fined £3 million after an elderly resident fatally contracted Legionnaires’ disease. An investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) found the care company had failed to: ·         safely manage the home’s hot and cold-water system during lengthy major refurbishment works by implementing necessary control and monitoring measures ·         […]

Fire safety flouting businessman jailed

fire safety hotel

A Cheshire wedding venue owner who repeatedly flouted fire safety rules has been jailed. Visiting Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service firefighters found ‘flagrant’ disregard of fire regulations at the 16th-century, Grade One-listed Haslington Hall. Failings The court heard the owner failed to: ·         take general fire precautions – putting staff and guests at risk ·         […]