Employment Law Solicitor

Often employers will go to a law firm in the search for a good Employment Law Solicitor.

Why? Because employers are convinced that Employment Law solicitors, exchange for paying high hourly rates, they will have high-quality advice and assurance that they are complying with the law.

But are Employment Law Solicitors actually the best option for your organisation?

The truth is probably not.

Is a fixed fee provider for Employment Law like Ellis Whittam the answer?

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Employment Law Solicitors

In many cases, you need Employment Law advice outside the traditional 9am-5pm window and you can’t wait for a call back to know what next step to take with a challenging employee.

Also, Employment Law issues can be notoriously complex and involve the drafting of letters, contracts, settlement agreements and other documents.

If an Employment Law solicitor charges you for each and every letter, your costs can spiral.

What are the alternatives to Employment Law Solicitors?

Ellis Whittam’s approach ensures compliance, provides the same level of quality service and costs just a fraction of a traditional solicitors.

A fixed fee model offers you all the advantages without the high costs.

Available 24/7, you can call and email as much as you need to solve your HR and Employment Law challenges. It won’t cost you a penny more. You can get tailored advice from legally qualified advisers. We will draft all your documentation.

All of this provides you with the peace of mind that you are talking to an Employment Law company who understand you and your organisation.


Ellis Whittam

  • 24 / 7 advice
  • Fixed Fee Cost
  • Unlimited Support
  • Bespoke Contracts and Handbooks
  • Legal Expenses Insurance


  • Office hours only
  • Cost by the hour
  • Each piece of advice is an extra cost
  • Templated Documents that will cost you more
  • No cover if goes to Employment Tribunal

Legal Expenses Insurance

In addition to the brilliant service provided by Ellis Whittam’s Employment Law Advisers you also have access legal expenses insurance.

This means that should a current or former employee bring a claim against your organisation, you will be covered. This certainly provides you with peace of mind during a challenging time. This legal expenses insurance covers you against claims including unfair dismissal, any type of discrimination and TUPE claims.

Furthermore, if you are finding that a former employee has breached aspects of their contract, we can cover that claim. This could include an employee who breaches a restrictive covenant by working for a competitor.

As we place our insurance with an independent provider, our focus is on providing you with the support you need, rather than our bottom line.

"We have found the Employment Law and HR service from Ellis Whittam to be invaluable."
Managing Director, GMG Contractors

Why choose Ellis Whittam’s HR and Employment Law service?

Ellis Whittam’s outsourced employment law is the solution for you.

We offer you:

  • A truly fixed-fee service with no hidden costs
  • Solicitor level of quality of advice
  • No long waits to get through to your Employment Law Adviser
  • 24/7 access to online tools and resources
  • Bespoke drafting of letters and contracts
  • Legal Expenses Insurance.

With fixed fee support, you will get unlimited, affordable and practical support whenever you need it. Contact us to find how we can support your organisation.